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Are you feeling stuck in your career?

  • Have you worked hard to get to where you are, but now you’re not sure whether you’re in the right place?
  • Are you wondering if the obvious next step up is really the one for you?
  • Are you considering a career swerve but worried that you haven’t got what it takes?

I understand you feel daunted by the idea of change. When you don’t know for sure if this is the right move, you’re hesitant about trying in case you lose what you’ve got.

Without a clear sense of direction, it’s hard to meaningfully progress your career. It’s difficult to know what to say yes to, what opportunities to pursue, and where to politely decline. You’re exploring loads of avenues but nothing seems to stick.

In the video below you can hear how my client Charlotte was feeling before she came to me, and when she’d recommend coaching to a friend.

Are you feeling unmotivated, uncertain of your skills or lacking direction?

You’re not alone in feeling like this. I know, because I’ve spent hours in coaching conversations with professionals feeling uncertain like you.

Like them, you’re feeling like you don’t know what is driving you, or what you’re good at, and without this you can’t decide on the best way forward.

I understand, because I’ve been there. I’ve worked through this myself, alone, and with the support of a coach. Are you ready to figure out what your priorities are, to learn what’s holding you back and feel renewed vigour about moving your career in new directions?

I can help you rediscover your passion for work

Here’s how: You commit to showing up and sharing your story, warts and all. I get deep into the mess of your truth with you and ask the questions everyone else is afraid to ask. Together, we try on new ways of thinking, uncover your strengths and motivations and create new possibilities.

The outcome: You stop getting distracted and frustrated at work and start feeling excited about where you’re taking your career again.

In the video below you can hear what changed for Charlotte during and after her coaching with me. 

Let's get your bounce back

Here’s how coaching with me will help you rediscover your enthusiasm for work:

Your whole truth

You come ready to take a fresh look at your life, in and out of work. You are willing to dig deep and share your thoughts and feelings. You're prepared to explore your values, strengths and skills. You’re ready to try out new ways of thinking and acting, and to pay attention to how this changes your feelings.

My experience

Over the 17 years I worked in design and tech, I ran my own business, worked as a consultant and led corporate teams. I was certified by the BBC as a coach with specific training in career development. I combine what I’ve learned from overcoming challenges like yours, with the understanding I've gained from years of helping other professionals realise their worth.

New possibilities

Although we have common gripes and challenges as we develop our careers, I've witnessed how we all come to them with a unique experience and perspective. Working together, we will start to understand you better, so you can make more informed choices on how to lead a fulfilling life.

Are you ready for a new challenge and set to take your career in the right direction?

Yes? Great! You probably want to know how we can get the ball rolling, and what you need to invest in terms of time and money.

How do we get started?

  1. You tell me a bit about yourself and what brings you to coaching by filling in my pre-booking questionnaire.
  2. I invite you to a 30 min discovery call, with the option to add-on a 30 min coaching conversation. This hour is offered free of charge, with no commitment.
  3. You take the time to decide if you want to invest your time, money and energy in my career coaching programme of 9 sessions.

What’s the investment?

You will need to set aside an hour for us to meet on Zoom every 2-3 weeks, with the expectation that we complete the 9 sessions within 6 months. There will be homework between sessions, which can be anything from further self-reflection, observing and recording how things go (maybe new things you’re trying out) to reading and journaling.

The whole programme costs £1800. Think of it like this: you pay a salary deduction now to get the career you want which secures a life you only dreamed of.

Tell me

about yourself

I'm inviting your to reflect on your current situation, where you're hoping coaching will take you and what's been getting in your way.
Photo of a white woman in glasses smiling at the camera. She's wearing a black top and has a painting and a plant behind her.

Before you book, you might also be wondering

If you’re prepared to turn nine hours of your hard-earned free-time into a well-earned new job, then you’re ready to spend £1800 on this programme.

    • When you find your purpose at work and get paid what you’re really worth, this will feel like a drop in the ocean.
    • You’re not enjoying your holidays or spa/city breaks anymore. You want to invest in something truly life-changing.
    • Trying to work out the hourly rate? Imagine you’re buying a premium quality, limited-edition, 540 minute calling card that promises to help you uncover your true values, discover your strengths and figure out where you want to be heading next in life. How could you turn that down?
    • Still unsure? Try working through the questions in my blog post on how to know when you’re ready for coaching.

For career coaching to be most effective you need to invest in a number meetings over the medium term (4- 6 months). Having said that, I know with the best intentions, life sometimes doesn’t line up as we’d like.

If you know you can’t commit that much time right now, but have a time sensitive and specific career development opportunity that you’d like a couple coaching sessions on, please get in touch with me to discuss.

Three steps to your career reset

Ready to figure out what's keeping you stuck?

1. Tell me about you

You tell me a bit about yourself and what brings you to coaching by filling in this form.

2. We talk

I invite you to a 30 min discovery call, with the option to add-on a 30 min coaching conversation. Both are offered free of charge, with no commitment.

3. You decide

You take the time to decide if you want to invest your time, money and energy in my career coaching programme of 9 sessions.