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I have 17 years of experience working in digital product design and technology; seven of those running my own business and 10 years working in corporate companies. As a business owner I wore many hats, from pitch writing to client management to building websites. While I was a senior user experience architect, I was also a line manager and then a creative director at the BBC. I now have three career changes under my belt and a few side gigs going on. Suffice to say, I'm a life-long learner who takes her hobbies seriously.
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I'm known for being


I show genuine care while being quick to get down to business.


I balance passion and groundedness with confidence.


I ask questions for clarity and am keen to understand.


I tackle challenges with determination and energy.

"What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?"

Mary Oliver's poetry inspires me to get clear on my purpose in my all domains of my life.

What my clients say

Here's some feedback from people I've worked with over the years, either as a coach or a manager.

How I live

I work with inclusivity and diversity in mind because I recognise everyone’s uniqueness and believe in the connectedness of all things.

I cultivate deep, long lasting relationships to increase my sense of connection.

I nuture my curiosity about the world by watching art-house cinema and thought-provoking mainstream films like Palm Springs and Arrival.

I train in acroyoga to exercise my physical body, nurture a growth mindset and to have fun being playful with other humans.

I share my home with two playful cat siblings who remind me to take breaks and reward me with cuddles.

I meditate and study Buddhist philosophy to help me find contentment in the now.

I practise yoga to bring stillness to my overattentive mind and to regulate my emotions.

I watch standup comedy to help me see the funny side of our dark and complex reality.

I am a certified coach, an AoC member and have regular supervision because I value rigorous practice and continuous improvement.

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