I’ve been coaching at the BBC since 2016. After initially working with senior UX professionals I was certified as an internal Executive Coach and started coaching leaders in the wider business. I found these recurring themes united the experiences of leaders working across product, technology and media, and at varying levels of seniority.

If you recognise any of the following scenarios, you aren’t alone! Although the outcome of coaching is always unique to the individual, my clients have some challenges in common.

  • You’re a manager who’s feeling burnt out and unsupported. You’re struggling to get the support and recognition your team deserves. You’re looking to improve your work life balance, ideally by making changes in this role but you’re open to considering going elsewhere.
  • You recently made the step up to manager level and you’re feeling isolated and lacking in motivation. You’re questioning if this was the right move and want to explore other options for progressing your career.
  • You’ve successfully interviewed for a new leadership position and you want to prepare yourself to hit the ground running in the new role. You can sense a little imposter syndrome creeping in, even though you felt you nailed the interview and they seem really excited to have you on board. 
  • You’re a passionate individual contributor and you’re being encouraged to go for a leadership role. You’re not convinced this is right for you. Will you be any good? Will you really be able to affect the change you want to see? Will you be able to inspire the same passion you feel in the people you’ll manage?

If you recognise your own situation above, and you’re feeling stuck, I’d love to help you find your own way forward. Complete this pre-coaching questionnaire to arrange a free 30 min discovery call or contact me to find out more.

Leaders, you aren’t alone